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WLP Faculty Research Award

The USF WLP Faculty Research Award was developed to recognize distinguished faculty members in the USF System (USF Tampa, USF Sarasota-Manatee, and USF St. Petersburg) whose research and creative efforts focus on women, women's issues, and women's initiatives. The recipient receives a one-time $5,000 award through the USF Foundation to support their continued work as well as an honorary lifetime membership in the USF System Women in Leadership & Philanthropy program.

Criteria for Award Selection:

Application Process:
The following documents must be submitted for review by Wednesday, February 20, 2013 to be considered for the 2013 USF System WLP Faculty Research Award.  All items should be placed on a CD and sent through campus mail to Kelly Addington, USF Tampa Campus, ALC 100 or email a pdf document to Kelly Addington at

WLP Faculty Research Award Recipients

Dr. Grisselle Centeno 2013
Dr. Grisselle Centeno

Dr. Grisselle Centeno, Associate Professor in the College of Engineering at USF Tampa was named the 2013 WLP Faculty Research Award Recipient. Dr. Centeno is a highly regarded faculty member and leads a USF interdisciplinary team of talented individuals from the Department of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Health Policy, Moffitt and the Morsani College of Medicine to propose NIH and NSF grants in recruiting and retaining women in the fields of science and engineering. She conducts this work in a USF college with a ratio of 49:2 male to female professors. She has served as the mentor, advisor or committee member for over 100 female students. Dr. Centeno is an excellent role model for female students in engineering and received a USF award as a highly regarded teacher. She intends to use the WLP research award to provide female students with strategies to overcome potential challenges and struggles they may encounter while in school or in their future careers.


Dr. Jamie Goldenberg 2012
Dr. Jamie Goldenberg

Dr. Goldenberg, Associate Professor of Psychology in the College of Arts and Science at USF Tampa was named the 2012 WLP Faculty Research Award Recipient. Through her research, Jamie Goldenberg has successfully improved the lives of women in very significant ways and she is dedicated to creating better conditions for women. Her research focuses on the impact of existential concerns associated with mortality on attitudes toward sex and the body, and women’s bodies in particular. She has published extensively on the topic, and currently has a grant from the National Cancer Institute of NIH to apply her theoretical model to cancer-relevant health behavior. Dr. Goldenberg received the $5,000 award to purchase the necessary equipment for her next research project which will assess the association between women and objects using implicit measures. Jamie believes this may be her most important research to date.


Dr. Jody Lynn McBrien 2011
Dr. Jody Lynn McBrien

Dr. Jody Lynn McBrien Assistant Professor in the College of Education at USF Sarasota-Manatee was named as the recipient of the 2011 WLP Faculty Research Award. Dr. McBrien received the $5,000 award to support her research into the educational programming needs of women and girls affected by war, including those resettled in the United States, those remaining in refugee camps, and post-war returnees.


Dr. Ellen Daley 2010
Dr. Ellen Daley

The 2010 WLP Faculty Research Award recipient is Dr. Ellen Daley. Dr. Daley began her college education as the women’s movement was gathering momentum. That forever changed the course of her life and she began developing community clinics. Her work evolved into research on the Human Papilloma virus, violence against women, and risk-taking behaviors in adolescents. As a mentor, she enjoys development of student researchers, but says music and family provide her with balance. She is an assistant professor in the Department of Community and Family Life in the College of Public Health.


Patricia A. Kruk 2009
Patricia A. Kruk

The recipient of the 2009 WLP Faculty Research Award is Patricia A. Kruk, Ph.D. Dr. Kruk is currently a Professor in the Department of Pathology & Cell Biology in the College of Medicine. After receiving her Ph.D. in Medical Sciences in 1992 from the University of British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Kruk pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health. She joined the Department of Pathology at USF in 1996 as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2003 and to Full Professor in August of this year. With over 25 years research experience as a cell and molecular biologist, more than 17 years experience in the area of ovarian cancer research, 40 publications and more than 35 trainees, Dr. Kruk has become established as an excellent mentor and expert in area of ovarian cancer.


Linda M. Whiteford 2008
Linda M. Whiteford

Linda M. Whiteford, professor of anthropology, received the Faculty Research Award for 2008 Whiteford is known for her research on access to reproductive health care and the condition of women and children throughout the world. Her research has taken her to work with Mexican American migrant farm women, as well as poor families and single mothers in the U.S., families in Ecuador, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Cuba. Whiteford has also studied the conditions of refugee women in Darfur, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her findings have been widely used to guide policy-makers and practitioners in helping to improve the lives of women.


Naomi Yavneh 2007
Naomi Yavneh

Naomi Yavneh, director of undergraduate research and associate professor of humanities, received the first WLP Faculty Research Award in 2007. The awards committee cited Yavneh for development of an interdisciplinary research experience for undergraduates, as well as for her own scholarly research and leadership. Yavneh's research focuses on women and gender in the Italian Renaissance as they relate to spirituality, sensuality and the representation of the body. Yavneh, considered one of the leading feminist scholars, has co-edited and contributed to two books.