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2018 RSVP Form for New Faculty Orientation Event

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018                                                               Do not leave blank - Mark either Yes or No

Historical Tour of Tampa & Lunch at the Columbia (8:45am-3:00pm) (Limited Seating)
NOTE: USF Health faculty will have their own set of activites on this day.
Will you need a vegeterian meal?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Provost Office Orientation Kickoff Breakfast (8:30-9:30am)
Welcome to USF: A Discussion with the Senior Vice Provost (9:45-10:30am) and Dean, Office of Graduate Studies
USF World Overview (10:30-11:00am)
Office of Research & Innovation Presentation (11:00am-11:45am)
Campus Resource Expo and Lunch (11:45am-1:15pm)
Expectations for Regulatory Compliance by Faculty (1:30-2:30pm)
Diversity at USF (2:45-3:15pm)
Graduate Studies and Partnering with Faculty (3:30-4:00pm)
USF Public Safety Workshop (4:00-4:30pm)
Official USF Portrait (11:45 am-5:00pm) (Complimentary)

Thrusday, August 9, 2018

Benefits / Retirement Orientation (8:45-9:45am)
New Faculty Information System (9:45-10:45am)
Library Information Session (11:00am-12:00am) (Limited Seating)
Using Canvas for Face to Face Teaching (1:15-4:30pm) (Limited Seating)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Teaching Workshops (8:45am-12:00pm)
  • Syllabus and Course Design
  • Evaluation of Teaching Toward Tenure or Promotion
  • Effective Lectures
A Guide to Student Affairs and Student Success at USF Luncheon (12:00-1:30pm)(Limited Seating)
Teaching Workshops (1:40-4:30pm)
  • Classroom Management
  • Assessment and Grading
  • Interactive Teaching Techniques
  • Teaching with Technology
"Meet & Greet" Social hosted by the Office of the Provost (5:00pm-6:30pm)
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