Higher Education Enterprise Mobile App Conference

February 4 - 6, 2013


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Offered Tracks & Themes

Vision and Strategy

This track focuses on the decision-making processes in the formation of mobile app strategies in other higher ed institutions. Experts in this area will present best practices and overcoming obstacles, as well as accessing buy-in while convincing institutional leadership that it needed a mobile app. Furthermore, now that mobile apps are in place for said institutions, what are the next steps?

Answers to these questions in this track: What are some visions and strategies for enterprise apps? How were those created? Are they IT-centric or in collaboration with marketing and communications? You want to know! Was the strategy aligned to the university’s strategic plan and were students engaged in the process? What were the outcomes and what was learned about stakeholders? What’s expected for future visions and strategies?


Technology Solutions and Development

This track focuses on the technical side, development and mobile app implementation. Presenters will discuss varied solutions based on the requirements derived from their institutions' mobile app needs. Topics will vary from the requirements gathering process to actual solution demos, complete with code samples and programming language uses. Attendees for any session in this track should recognize that most of the conversations will be filled with tech-speak, so be prepared!

Answers to these questions in this track: What mobile devices were considered during development? What platforms were used? What platforms were not used and why? What are the benefits to homegrown coding vs. vendor solutions and vice-versa? What are the resources for maintenance? What are the necessary upgrades?


Usability and User Experience

This track focuses on the main consumers and audiences for higher ed mobile apps. Reaction from those audiences can make or break your app.  We’ll hear from institutions that used traditional requirements gathering processes by including their audiences and determining their needs.  You’ll learn about the impact of the user experience on your mobile app and why it is one of the most important aspects to consider in the development of a successful, widely-used app. We’ll hear from developers who have made the transition from web development to mobile app development and what had to be considered in creating a new user experience. You’ll also learn about what constitutes success and how those results are measured.

Answers to these questions in this track: Do the mobile apps function as they were intended? What’s the user feedback? Do the users make suggestions and are those suggestions included in upcoming phases of development? Were the expectations met by both the developers and audiences? Who bridges the gap between the user and IT and marketing staff?