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Student Headcount
(Home Campus)
Undergraduate, 20K Grad I, 4K Grad II, 1K Medical (MD + PharmD), 538 Non Degree UG, 940 Non Degree GR, 414
Student TypeCurrent YearPrevious Year% Change
Total Students29,31928,7192.1%
Grad I4,4884,495-0.2%
Grad II1,4411,447-0.4%
Medical (MD + PharmD)5625384.5%
Non Degree UG9669402.8%
Non Degree GR4174140.7%

Fundable Student Credit Hours
(Funding Campus)
Gross Student Credit Hours
(Funding Campus)
Lower Level, 49K Upper Level, 96K Grad I, 28K Grad II, 7K
Lower Level, 49K Upper Level, 96K Grad I, 28K Grad II, 7K
Student TypeFundable SCH Current YearFundable SCH Previous YearFundable SCH % ChangeGross SCH Current YearGross SCH Previous YearGross SCH % Change
Total Students172,105169,1111.8%182,460179,7811.5%
Lower Level46,79145,1043.7%49,78048,6702.3%
Upper Level91,46390,4521.1%96,40894,9721.5%
Grad I26,17825,9890.7%28,59128,5460.2%
Grad II7,6737,5661.4%7,6817,5931.2%

New Student Profile
First Time in College Graduate and Transfer Students
DescriptionCurrent YearPrevious Year% Change
Total Headcount62546634.1%
Average SAT (CR + M)10701094-2.2%
Median SAT (CR + M)10601080-1.9%
Middle 50% SAT (CR + M)1020 - 11101040 - 1140
Average ACT24240%
Median ACT24240%
Middle 50% ACT22 - 2523 - 26
Average HS GPA3.523.54-0.6%
Middle 50% HS GPA3.27 - 3.753.26 - 3.77
Top 10%/Top 20% HS8/258/25
Honors College55
Honors College Average SAT (CR + M)00
National Achievement Scholars00
National Hispanic Scholars00
National Merit Scholars00
Student TypeCurrent YearPrevious Year% Change
Total Transfers1,0171,0120.5%
Florida College System Transfers5174895.7%
Other Transfers296523-43.4%
Post Bac. Degree Seeking2040204%
Total Graduates3263037.6%
Grad I3112955.4%
Grad II15887.5%
Total Medical (MD+ PharmD)   


Diversity Profile - All Students
Race/Ethnicity/Gender# Undergrad Current Year% Undergrad Current Year# Undergrad Previous YearUndergrad % Change# Grad Current Year% Grad Current Year# Grad Previous YearGrad % Change# Total Current Year(including non degrees)% Total Current Year(including non degrees)# Total Previous Year(including non degrees)Total % Change
Non Resident Alien7913.7%61129.5%75511.6%61023.8%1,6955.8%1,37023.7%
Hispanic Ethnicity4,27519.9%4,0874.6%75711.7%7343.1%5,24017.9%4,9885.1%
American Indian410.2%49-16.3%170.3%1330.8%590.2%66-10.6%
Hawaiian Pacific630.3%621.6%60.1%15-60%700.2%77-9.1%
Race - Not Reported3041.4%3030.3%2113.3%19110.5%5521.9%5392.4%
Total Students21,445100.0%20,8852.7%6,491100.0%6,4800.2%29,319100.0%28,7192.1%
Not Reported10.0%3-66.7%10.0%10%20.0%8-75%

Diversity Profile - New Students
Race/Ethnicity/Gender# FTIC Current Year% FTIC Current Year# FTIC Previous YearFTIC % Change# Transfer Current Year% Transfer Current Year# Transfer Previous YearTransfer % Change# Grad Current Year% Grad Current Year# Grad Previous YearGrad % Change# Total Current Year% Total Current Year# Total Previous YearTotal % Change
Non Resident Alien10.2%10%171.7%33-48.5%92.8%10-10%271.4%44-38.6%
Hispanic Ethnicity16927.0%11942%20420.1%1964.1%4513.8%3721.6%41821.2%35218.8%
American Indian10.2%4-75%10.1%10%00.0%00%20.1%5-60%
Hawaiian Pacific10.2%00%20.2%4-50%00.0%00%30.2%4-25%
Race - Not Reported30.5%4-25%222.2%220%123.7%933.3%371.9%355.7%
Total Students625100.0%46634.1%1,017100.0%1,0120.5%327100.0%3037.9%1,970100.0%1,78110.6%
Not Reported00.0%2-100%00.0%00%00.0%00%00.0%2-100%

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