It's time to Vote!(For the ENC Handbook)
Details Below (Vote by March 6th in CPR 257)

Below is a detailed description of the process for selecting the new 1101 Reader and the new FYC handbook. However, the three most important ways that you can keep involved include:


Selection of the Handbook

The First--Year Composition Program is choosing a new handbook for ENC 1101 and 1102. While new books are being considered, The Thomson Handbook, revised of course with a new MLA section and a new name, is still an option. Below is a reminder about the process for selecting the new book. Please remember that the deadline for voting on the new handbook is March 6th.  The process for choosing a new handbook includes

Selection of the 1101 Reader

In addition to the ENC Handbook, the First-Year Composition program has decided to update its 1101 Reader.  The process has included re-selecting published essays for the reader (based on instructor suggestions, a vote, and pricing considerations) and selecting a publisher for our reader.  More specifically, the process includes:

Bullitzer Prize

The FYC Committee and the Bullitzer Award Committee would like to congratulate all the students who submitted their papers to this year's First--Year Writing contest. From this abundance of submissions came this year's winners who include

1101 students:

1102 students:

These students produced excellent work partially because of their teachers' efforts, and these educators should be recognized, too: Brandon Pettit, Shawn Alff, Quincy Upshaw, Kendra Lee, Adam Pridemore, Benjamin Gerdts, and Mary C. Madden. Members of the Bullitzer Committee and the FYC Policy Committee read through each of these essays and compared them carefully to pick the top essays. At this point, students from introductory and advanced technical writing classes will format these projects into this year's Bullitzer book. These winners will receive recognition at the English Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 17, 2009.

Much thanks also goes out to the Bullitzer Awards Committee who graciously gave their time to consider dozens of student essays: Kathleen Blackwell, Steve Cooper, Brenda Grau, Melissa Jones, Kendra Lee, Lauren Oetinger, Adam Pridemore, Paul Quiqley, Robert Ryan, Lindsay Sloan, and Megan Weber. The Bullitzer committee co-chairs were Kim Murray and Mike Shuman.  A more in-depth dedication of the Bullitzer Committee is coming in a subsequent addition of our newsletter.

Grant Awarded to FYC

We just received notice that our department will receive a grant that will help make the rubric more user friendly and expand its usefulness for instructors in the fall. Drs. Joe Moxley and Mike Shuman drafted and submitted a grant proposal to receive a $10,000 "Innovative Learning-Centered Grant" from the "Center for 21st Century Teaching Excellence." The proposal requested funding to develop our new online rubric tool during the academic year of Fall 09 / Spring 10. In practical terms, this means our program will be able to . . . 

Much thanks to Mike Shuman especially for leading this effort.